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Genorä — Welcome
I Write Stuff
About Hàlön Chronicles
Created in 2012, Hàlön Chronicles was originally intended as a launching point to the fictional universe I’d created. Today it still serves the same purpose, but has expanded to include a ghost town RPG site, a blog I badly neglect, and a landing page I wrote as tables instead of divs... just to be an ass. :-P
However, my time is not going to waste (just yet). I’ve been writing some new novels, creating book covers, and still hacking away at code.
Winterviews 2016-2017
Winter Interviews, a new segment on my blog featuring thirteen authors in an interview a week for thrirteen weeks. Starting the first week of winter, I'll be putting up an interview on my blog every Wednesday. Join us there, or check all these wonderful people out on twitter.
Also, be sure to join us for the Blog Hop.
I Build Web Sites
I Build Web Sites
The last ten years have been dedicated to a professional career in front-end web development. I’ve worked with global brands such as, Philips Sonicare, and Philips Oral Healthcare, as well as more localized brands like Committee for Children, The Pink Daisy Project, and The Shanghai Pearl. I do:
•  Front-end HTML & CSS development
•  Responsive email media and marketing
•  Modern device and browser testing
•  Google and Omniture analytics
•  WordPress, Simple Machines, and CMS systems
•  Regional Languages
Click here to learn more about development projects and pricing.
Print & Web Media Design
Print & Web Media Design
Need a new cover for your book? Yep, I do that too. I've worked with several authors - such as Indie Author Max W. Miller - to give their stories the extra punch to hook readers. I do:
•  Book cover designs
•  Digital covers for eBooks & Kindle
•  Static ads & marketing banners
Click here to learn more about book cover designs and pricing. I also do synopsis, query, and book/plot critiques.
RPGs Rule!
Blogging & RPGs
I do keep a blogging site where I lay down whatever’s going through my head at the moment or discuss some new skill I’m attempting to learn. It’s a bit neglected for the moment with my crazy schedule, but I do drop in from time-to-time and put up nonsense. Or sense, it’s all subjective, right?
Click here to check out my blog.
*Currently the RPG forum link is hidden, sorry! For those that know the way, the site is still live. When I can dedicate more (and better) time to the RPG, I’ll give it a grand re-opening.
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